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Not Even ESPN Radio Hosts Can Land a Reservation at Eating House’s 4/20 Dinner

But Bob Saget did. Well kind of.

Eating House

Late last week popular ESPN radio show The Dan LeBatard Show called Eating House to make a reservation for its annual 4/20 dinner. The popular dinner usually sells out in two days time, and weeks before it’s April 20th date. But that didn’t stop them from attempting to snag a table and name dropping himself in the process.

"Do you listen to sports radio at all? This is Stugotz, man," said Jon Weiner, co-host of the show. Owner and chef, Giorgio Rapicavoli, instantly recognized him but held his ground asserting that they had no reservations open on that date and didn’t want to upset any loyal customer who already booked their spot.

Later on in the show its co-host for the day, Bob Saget aka rockstar 90s TV dad Danny Tanner, called in trying to secure an 8 p.m. spot for that night that appeared to have opened up. Rapicavoli kept his cool, joking around with Saget suggesting he might have an open spot for Saget if he does want to come.

The annual dinner, features plenty of stoner-friendly bites like pizza poutine and "special brownies" for $42 a person. Listen to the audio for yourself here with Weiner chiming in around the 13 minute mark and Saget around the 1 hour and 10 minute mark. [ESPN Audio]

Eating House

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