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The Early Word on Ichimi

Can Miami embrace the ramen craze?

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In a city where it’s teetering at 90+ degrees more than half the year, it’s not a big question why ramen-specific restaurants haven’t taken off quite like they have in other markets. But Coral Gables’ newcomer Ichimi Ramen is giving it a shot. Here is what the early diners have to say.

The Soothing: The Miami New Times liked the comforting quality that came with the ramen-filled meal. Its writer Laine Doss was a fan of the vegetarian ramen noting it was the "flavorful ramen choice on the menu." Doss was also a fan of Ichimi’s izakaya options noting that the "most delicious bite of the night" were the fried oyster buns, which reminded her of the classic NOLA po’ boy. [Miami New Times]

The Praise: Over at, Sara Liss seems to enjoy the ramen made in three different varieties, including ones "brimming" with seafood, along with the "artfully" made small plates. Overall she notes that "ramen fanatics now have another option for authentic slurp-worthy bowls." []

The Chef-y: Local food blogger Frodnesor also seemed to be a fan of the vegetarian ramen noting that its broth is "focused, flavorful" but the "tonkotsu ramen, which was good but not a show-stopper." As for the Izakaya style plates they also "much more ambitious and chef-y than your average izakaya" like the uni tacos held in a tempura-fried nasturtium leaf. [Frodnesor]

The Love: On the boards over at everyone’s favorite review site, YelpLu Y. says it's "the ramen here is the best I ever had!!!" while Raul M. recommends that you "add it your "must try" list!" [Yelp]

The Not-So-Great: Yelp reviews seemed to run the gamut with Yelper Charlie S. saying that his meal was "Too fishy. Too much mayonnaise. Too much the same preparation on too many dishes." While Andrew A. points out that his bok choy was "undercooked" while "the food visually looks great, but tasted subpar at best." [Yelp]


2330 Salzedo Street, , FL 33134 (305) 960-7016

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