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Golden Fig and Viva Mexico Both “Temporarily” Close

No word if either will actually return

Golden Fig

It’s only April and we’re starting to the slow of the season have its effects on the restaurant business. The Miami New Times is reporting that Brickell spot Golden Fig has temporarily closed and Little Havana taco staple, Viva Mexico, is also closed for a TBD amount of time.

According to the report, Golden Fig shut down a few weeks back for repairs and is currently renegotiating its lease in the meantime, with the owner, Michael Sullivan, telling the outlet about its fate that, "Honestly, at the moment, we're not sure. It has to do with the lease." Since the closure it has parted ways with its executive chef Tomas Prado, the chef it brought on board when it transformed from OTC to Golden Fig last summer.

As for the fate of Viva Mexico, "Miami’s Best Taqueria," according to the New Times, that also remains unknown. According to a vendor the closure "may be permanent" but the restaurant’s second spot, Viva Mexico y Algo Mas, located just a few doors from Viva Mexico remains open and at the moment is "only serving tacos."

Viva México

542 SW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33130 (786) 350-6360

Golden Fig

1250 S.Miami Ave CU #4, Miami Financial District, FL 33130 (305) 374-4612 Visit Website