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Two New Apps Launch In Miami To Make Bar Hopping Even Easier

Because we need another excuse to drink in Miami

After The Sunsets

Miami has a plethora of bars and neighborhoods to imbibe in, and now there are two new apps in South Florida that help you get your drink on even easier.

First up is HOOCH, the subscription-based cocktail app that users pay $9.99 per month (or $99 per year) and it "buys" its members a round of drinks off a "specially curated drinks menu" each day at places like River Yacht Club, El Tucan, Baoli, Craft Social Club, Coya, and Tamarina. If you really play your cards right, you can get a round a day for less than a buck.

And if you want to know if there will be a crowd at the bar before you arrive, then Weepo is the one for you. Basically it allows users to see how a restaurant, lounge, club or party is before the night even begins, in case you want to be with the in-crowd, or in some cases, avoid them. There is also a way to communicate through the app when you’re at the venue, it’s sort of like taking your Tinder game up a few notches.

Both apps are free to download. You can find HOOCH here and Weepo here.