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Michelin Pedigreed Chef Debuts Food Truck in Wynwood Yard

Part Japanese, part Spanish cuisine

Kuenko Facebook

Culinary incubator Wynwood Yard has announced its latest addition, Kuenko, from Spanish chef Ricardo Sanz, whose most well-known restaurant is the Michelin-starred Kabuki in Madrid. The food truck features a mash up of dishes made with "Japanese simplicity and Spanish boldness." For this latest creation, Sanz partnered up with former pro-soccer star, Anthony Ricci, along with Matias Ricci and Amado Rodriguez to bring the truck to life. On the rather concise menu expect a variety rice bowls topped with an assortment of proteins and flavors like spicy tuna, eel, butterfish and salmon. The truck is now open daily inside Wynwood Yard. Call 908-858-3656 for more info.

The Wynwood Yard

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