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KYU, Thursday at 7 p.m.

Welcome to Eater Scenes, where Eater photographer Giovanny Gutierrez visits some of the city's great restaurants. Today, in honor of Barbecue Week, KYU.

KYU isn’t your normal barbecue restaurant, but Miami isn’t your normal barbecue town. In a city that appreciates glitz as much as it appreciates down home cooking, KYU is the perfect hybrid. Housed in the middle of Wynwood it gained an instant following due its lively crowd, industrial-chic setting, and its new fresh approach to a classic, long beloved technique by executive chef Michael Lewis. While not a traditional "barbecue" restaurant, the flavors can be found throughout the menu from the popular smoked waygu beef brisket served family style and encouraged to be eaten in lettuce wrap form to the much-talked about duck breast served in "burnt ends" form. Even the sides get a hint of the barbecue flavors with items like sake braised white beans and grilled asparagus all exciting a smokey flavor.

Here, take a look inside the popular restaurant during a busy happy hour turned dinner service in the gallery above.

— All photography by Giovanny Gutierrez


251 Northwest 25th Street, , FL 33127 (786) 577-0150 Visit Website