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Is Top Chef Winner Jeremy Ford Leaving Matador Room?

Signs point to yes

Nick Tininenko/Getty Images

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Top Chef season 13 winner Jeremy Ford is leaving his position at Jean-Georges' Matador Room to branch out on his own. According to very well placed sources and industry insiders, Ford has allegedly struck a deal with Grove Bay Hospitality Group to open a seafood concept in the summer/fall of 2017 in the same area that Chart House once stood in Coconut Grove.

According to sources, the restaurant will be named A-Fish-o-na-do, which Grove Bay Holdings trademarked for restaurant and hotel service use late last month, according to public documents. A small listing for the restaurant is also already live on the Grove Bay Hospitality website as well, although it doesn't reveal much about the concept. Sources tell us that an official announcement will come sometime after the July 4th holiday.

When reached for comment about the new concepts and his future at Matador Room, Ford kept it very vague saying, "Right now, my focus is dedicated to The Matador Room and fulfilling my commitment to the different events I’ll be participating in throughout the year. Miami is home and I’m hopeful that whatever projects are next for me will help contribute to the city’s growing culinary landscape."

Stay tuned for more updates.