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An Indoor Food Court Heads to Lincoln Road, and More Morning Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Rendering of 1212 Lincoln
Rendering of 1212 Lincoln
Courtesy of Crescent Heights

Indoor Food Hall on Sobe

Our friends over at Curbed Miami are reporting that a new mixed use development got the green light to open up on Lincoln Road. Called 1212 Lincoln Road it'll feature a hotel, parking and most importantly a "European Style food court." [Curbed Miami]

From Vagabond to River Yacht Club

Seems Vagabond's former chef Alex Chang is staying put. Reports are surfacing that he is about to take over River Yacht Club's summer-chef-in-residency program. []

Beat the Heat

It's hot out there — and even hotter in the kitchen. This is how top chefs from around the country combat those scorching temperatures. [E]