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New Sushi Concept Heads to Wynwood, and More Intel

250 Wynwood

Eventbrite, For Food

Miami's got a new event ticket booking system dubbed Mixstir, meant to be a "space where food and drink aficionados could easily find events tailored to their interests." Check it out here. [Miami New Times]

Tea Made For Miami

The 3-0-5 now has a tea brand made just for the city. Called Lemon City Tea, it's available in 35 restaurants across the city and counting in flavors like "El Mango Next Door" and "Granada Green." Dale. [Miami Herald]

More Restaurants To Wynwood

New development 250 Wynwood has announced its latest upcoming tenant, Crudos Fusion Sushi, coming to the hood right next to Federal Chicken & Donuts. [EaterWire]

Matcha Taken Up a Few Notches

Because, white chocolate-stuffed matcha cream puffs are a thing. [E]