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Instacart Adds Publix and Custom Meal Plan Service, PlateJoy, to its Roster

What can't you get delivered in under an hour nowadays?


Getting your food delivered to your door is becoming easier and easier. Earlier this week it was announced that grocery delivery service Instacart has added everyone’s favorite grocery chain and fried chicken producer, Publix, to its lineup that already includes Whole Foods, Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Total Wine and Petco. It seems to be taking the place of Winn-Dixie, who is leaving the service come July 15.

The other new addition is called PlateJoy, which creates custom meal plans based on data and preferences customers enter into the system. Once you have the ingredients you need, you can plug them directly into Instacart and have your own customized meal kit delivered to your door same-day and without all the packaging.

A PlateJoy subscription runs PlateJoy $59 for six months while Instacart deliveries will roughly cost you $7 plus the cost of your food or you can opt into its membership for $99 a year that will grant you free delivery.