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Miami Spice's Big Reveal, and More Morning Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Miami Spice Spread
Miami Spice Spread

Spicin' It Up

The annual restaurant month(s) known as Miami Spice kicks off August 1, but the participating restaurants are now live on its site. See if your favorite will be offering up the special menu this way.

Miami Subs Grill Goes the Salad Route

Mr. 3-0-5's sub shop has picked up Salad Creations, a build-your-own salad chain with 16 locations. Salads and subs, dale. [Restaurant News]

It's Getting Hot in Here

Mike's Hot Honey, the cult-followed chili infused honey, can now be picked up at your local neighborhood Publix, along with being found on the menu of the soon-to-be open Paulie Gee's. [Miami New Times]