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Starbucks Revamps its Dress Code, and More Morning Intel

Mini news tidbits for your a.m.

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Starbucks uniform
Starbucks Uniform

New Look, Same ‘Bucks

Starbucks is refreshing its employees looks. A new dress code has been set in place, and while the green aprons stay put so much more flair is allowed. Oh, and pink hair is ok now, too. [WLRN]

Cortadito 101

Take a look at Versailles making its oh-so-delicious Cortadito. [The New Tropic]

Cookie Cups to Your Door

A glorious thing called cookie cups — aka cookies filled with things like chocolate and caramel — now exist and better yet, can be delivered right to your door courtesy of MdoughW. [Miami New Times]

Restaurants > Grocery Stores

Seems like you aren’t the only one opting for the restaurant meal over heading to your local Publix. Restaurant sales have surpassed supermarket sales nationwide for the first time in nearly two decades. [The Real Deal]

Political Lunch

Curious what your favorite (or not-so-favorite) politician is eating during their campaign stops? Hint: a lot of Domino’s orders are in the mix. [Eater]