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Fresh Diet Abruptly Closes Without Telling Customers or Employees

Adding insult to injury

Fresh Diet

Fresh Diet customers woke up Friday morning without their daily delivery, since the meal delivery company decided to abruptly shutter without notice to customers or employees, reports the Miami Herald.

In March, the national company was sold back to its Miami-based founder Zalmi Duchman, who according to his legal counsel, “tried to turn the business around, but it was too late” and ultimately he was “hemorrhaging cash.” The company is now in the process of filing an assignment for benefit of creditors aka what bankruptcy is called in the Sunshine State.

As for the customers left without their food — or notice — that the company had closed, a temporary manager was left with that responsibility of informing them but he “may not have followed through on all of the notices that were intended to be given.”

The company is also “looking into” refunding customers who paid in advance for their meals but will no longer receive them. [Miami Herald]