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Local Ice Cream Company Gets National Attention, and More Morning Intel

Mini news bites for the morning

Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream

Lulu’s Goes National

Local ice cream fav Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream — and one of Miami’s best places to get ice cream — gets some national love by none other than a toothpaste company. Who says you can’t eat your sweets and still have pearly whites? [Miami New Times]

Mangoes For a Good Cause

Does your mango tree overfloweth? A group called Mangoes To Share is returning to help take those extra mangoes off your hands and donate to various food banks around town. [WLRN]

Barbecue vs. Cookouts

Ahh, the age old question: is it a barbecue or a cook out? See how people chimed in all over the country here. [E]

OMG Dinner & a Movie Returns

Fans of the Michael’s Genuine and O Cinema dinner series “OMG Dinner & a Movie” rejoice. The popular dinner and a movie mash up returns this Friday — this time in the Design District. Get your tickets this way.