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7 Must Try Lobster Rolls in Miami

A taste of summer in every bite

Edge Steak & Bar

In the land of perpetual summer, the lobster roll is perfect for any lunch or dinner meal. It allows you to enjoy some of the finest seafood, in the most casual way. From gourmet seafood restaurants to a street side food truck, restaurants all throughout Miami are serving up this dish each with their own special touches.

Next time you’re craving a fresh lobster roll around Miami visit any of these seven spots that are experts in this dish. We did the research; you do the eating – enjoy!

Izzy’s Fish & Oyster

[Photo Credit: Chat Chow TV]

Izzy’s is a modern seafood restaurant with a true New England feel that specializes in classics like the lobster roll. It offers two varieties of the dish: have it cold, topped with a lobster mayo or warm with lobster butter.

Joe’s Stone Crab

[Photo Credit: Yelp]

It’s no surprise that this essential Miami seafood restaurant, Joe's Stone Crab, knows how to prepare the ultimate lobster roll. Served on a warm, toasted, buttered bun, the inside is stuffed with lobster meat – only. No frills, just real ingredients and great taste.

Prime 112

[Photo Credit: Pinterest]

This celebrity hot spot knows how to escalate the lobster roll dish to a gourmet menu item. Prime 112's roll is big enough to feed four people, this roll is packed with fresh Maine lobster, giving it a true over-the-top, decadent feel.


[Photo Credit: Mignonette]

Housed in Downtown Miami where a gas station once stood, Mignonette is a true Miami seafood and oyster bar. It offers its lobster roll on a buttered Portuguese roll with a side of homemade potato chips.

Lure Fishbar

[Photo Credit: Lure Fishbar Facebook]

Located in the Loews Miami Beach hotel, Lure offers the pristine seafood and one of the finest (and priciest) lobster rolls. It is classically prepared: the lobster meat sits above a brioche bun and is accompanied with vegetable slaw and salt and vinegar chips.

The Lobsta Guy

[Photo Credit: The Lobsta Guy]

The Lobsta Guy food truck specializes in only one item: the lobster roll. It serves lobster imported directly from Maine and it prides itself on mastering the perfect lobster to bun ratio. Found throughout Miami on any given day, be sure to stop by the truck for a roll to satisfy your lobster cravings.

Edge Steak & Bar

[Photo Credit: Edge Steak & Bar]

Yes, Edge is known for its massive variety of steak — but its seafood options certainly aren't lacking. A testament to that is its unique lobster and shrimp roll, available at lunch only, it is filled with Maine Lobster and lemon poached shrimp, tangy tomato jam and creamy avocado on top of a brioche hoagie.

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