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South Beach Firestone Transforming Into a Diner

From the guys behind Bodega and Radio Bar

What was once old is new again. The building that held the Firestone car service station on Miami Beach since 1939 , and that closed earlier this year, is set to become a new restaurant and retail development complete with a diner from Menin Hospitality called Al's Diner, according to the Real Deal.

The 24-hour-diner is set to debut sometime early next year at 1569 Alton Road. But a sense of nostalgia will stay in tact, with the Firestone roof sign staying put and the "auto pull-up areas will be converted into outdoor café seating." There will even be a take-out window on the 16th Street side serving food from the diner.

This is just one of the many, many projects Menin Hospitality, the same guys behind hotspots like Bodega and Radio Bar, has in the works including a new French eatery Bakehouse, sandwich concept Halves & Wholes, and more.