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A Sky High Oceanfront Sushi and Poke Concept Debuts on South Beach

Called Watr, it sits 18-floors up at the 1 Hotels & Homes Hotel

In a city almost surrounded by water, it’s surprising there aren’t more oceanfront restaurants. But the aptly named Watr may help change that, offering up ocean views from 18 stories high on the 1 Hotels & Homes rooftop.

[Clockwise from top: water mural, Watr sign, restaurant during the day]

The restaurant’s seafood-based menu created by chef de cuisine Catalina Ucros plays up on the biggest dining trend of the moment: poke, featuring dishes like kimichi tuna poke, along with items that go the more Polynesian and Japanese route like tuna tartar flatbreads, glass noodle stir fry, and lobster rolls.

For drinks, the bar is stepping up the whole pairing concept a few notches offering a dedicated Cocktail Pairing Connoisseur, Charles Steadman, who will "perfectly pair menu items with hand-crafted cocktails." Drinks include the ginger-filled "Dancing Geisha," the boxed up "Pimm’s Goes East" the "Golden water" amongst others.

[Watr at night]

The space plays on the aquatic feel, showcasing a massive wall mural with breaking of waves along the coastline, simple "natural" décor that mimics the hotel’s lobby with stringed lights illuminating the space.

[Clockwise from the top: poke bowls, Pimm's Go East, rock shrimp, dragon roll]

Watr is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. for lunch and from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. for dinner at 2341 Collins Avenue. Call 305-604-6580 to reserve your spot.

Photography: [World Red Eye]

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