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A Spanish Named Italian Restaurant Debuts in Doral

Sounds about right


File this in the "only in Miami" category. Debuting in Doral late last month is Ocio — which in Spanish, translates to leisure — featuring a variety of Italian fare, served in a setting that is described to be "for visitors to escape undesirable realities."

Owned by the president of Cargo Zone, Carlos Pieschacon, it features Italian dishes with "Miami influences with some international touches." On the menu are dishes like filet mignon carpaccio, citrus marinated grilled octopus, lobster ravioli, carbonara, beef lasagna and a guava tart.To wash all those dishes back, it offers an array of wines from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Italy, France and the U.S. starting at just $25.

The space keeps with the tranquil "escape" theme with plenty of "eclectic" and "fun" decor meant to "distract diners from the outside world" like hanging bird nests a top table settings and tropical lights overlooking the bar. Ocio is now open daily for lunch and dinner at 3399 NW 72nd Avenue. Call 786-360-4468 for more info.