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15 Years Later, Mark Soyka is Back With a New Restaurant

It's been long enough.

55th Street Station

Mark Soyka is a man of many repertoires. He's been molding the Miami restaurant scene since the creators of Instagram were still in diapers, back when every lunch didn't get a photoshoot. And after a 15 year hiatus, he's back.

You might know the restauranteur from the historic 24-hour News Café on South Beach, which he opened in 1988. In 1999, before opening his namesake restaurant on Biscayne, Soyka, he'd originally purchased the building to use as a showroom for his car collection. Across the street at 5600 Biscayne is Andiamo, his landmark pizza restaurant.

According to, Mark's newest flagship is slated to open on November 1st. Café Roval will set up shop inside the Old Pump House on 5808 NE 4th Court. Mark describes the coral-built Café as "unlike any of my other restaurants," he also says he's been eyeing the location for years. The kitchen will be helmed by renowned Chef Nuno Grullon, who will be competing against chef Ryan Martin of 180 @ the DRB at this year's E.A.T.! competition by the New Times.

No official operating hours have been announced. Stay tuned for more updates.