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Latin House Grill is Opening a Sister Restaurant in Pinecrest

And her name is Mad Love.

Burger Beast

It's true. And the news was broken by none other than the Burger Beast himself. According to Sef Gonzalez, Miami food blogger and burger freak connoisseur, the neighborhood restaurant is opening a fast casual flagship in Pinecrest.

Latin House's sister restaurant will be called Mad Love, after its original burger and trademarked slogan. The Mad Love is described on the Latin House menu as "the one that started it all." It brings two strips of thick cut, apple-wood smoked, maple glazed bacon, butter grilled onions & mushrooms, avocado-lime sauce and crema Mexicana. But will we see it at the new restaurant?

Sef says the new menu will be smaller but still feature burgers, of course. Mad Love is slated to open in 6 to 8 weeks inside the Hooligan's strip mall, but no exact date has been given.

Stay tuned for more details.