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Popular Barbecue Joint 4Rivers Smokehouse Heads to South Florida

The Texas brisket will be served today in Sunrise.

4Rivers Smokehouse

Before 4Rivers Smokehouse was the successful restaurant chain that it is today, it was a "Hot Brisket Now" sign outside of John Rivers' garage. John started a cookout fundraiser for a family in his Texas neighborhood back in 2004, after retiring from the healthcare industry and traveling the country in the pursuit of the perfect brisket.

His homemade brisket attracted a line of people that wrapped around the block, and eventually led to the current 12 locations of 4Rivers in North and Central Florida. Today, its 13th location and 1st in South Florida officially opens.

The menu features old school classics like, of course, Brisket, John's signature Burnt Ends and Tri-Tip; salads and quesadillas with homemade dressings; signature stackers like the Messy Pig, a heaping pile of pulled pork sandwiched between 2 layers of coleslaw and topped with pickled and jalapeños served on a bun; Brisket Sliders and essential sides like Mac & Cheese and Fried Pickles; and even a full blown dessert menu.

The restaurant is now open daily at 2660 N. University Drive. Stay tuned for operating hours.