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Is Popular NYC Cookie Dough Shop, DŌ, Heading to Miami?

It seems like it’s in the works

DŌ in New York
Nick Solares for Eater

Thanks to awesome tipsters, Eater has learned that New York-based cookie dough shop has gone on a domain shopping spree of sorts, buying up dozens of domain names around the country — including Miami and Orlando.

And the person registering these names? None other than “Kristen Page”— DŌ’s owner’s name is Kristen Page Tomlan — who registered the Florida domains some two months ago. And to add fuel to the fire, a DŌ Miami and Orlando Instagram accounts also exist, but no word on who the owners of those accounts might be.

For those who might have missed it, DŌ took NYC by storm earlier this year enjoying massive lines hitting 3 hour wait times and viral social media love across the inter webs. Guests of DŌ can eat the cookie dough — which is made with a pasteurized egg product and “heat-treated, ready-to-eat” flour — in all different forms including sundaes, scoops, milkshakes, and can even take it home with them and bake it into proper cookie if they so desire.

So far there has no word on the possible expansion plans to Florida, but in the meantime you can get your hands on DŌ via Goldbely or order it up through local services like MDoughW and DOUGH Miami.