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Brazilian Eatery Ofa Heads to Sunset Harbour This Summer

Spoiler alert: it won’t be a steakhouse

Ofa’s future space

A new Brazilian restaurant focusing on the cuisines found all throughout Brazil will officially open its doors this July. Called Ofa, it’s the brainchild of hospitality vets Felipe Ortiz, Carmen Rodriguez and Lucas Scudeler, who plan to focus on dishes found around the rather massive country instead of the typical Brazilian steakhouse fare readily found in South Florida.

On the menu expect classic Brazilian dishes like feijoada, slow-cooked beef ribs with manioc aligot, tapioca “popcorn” bites, filet mignon based picadinho and farofa. The restaurant also plans to offer a chef’s table that can accommodate six to eight people for a tasting menu.

No Brazilian space would be complete without caipirinhas, and Ofa intends to have plenty of them made with imported Brazilian cachaças. Also on the beverage menu will be popular Brazilian drink chopp, a non-pasteurized drink that’s served just below freezing with a three-inch layer of foam on top, along with a beer list from Anheuser-Busch’s new Wynwood brewery, Veza Sur Brewing Co.

The 2,200-square-foot, indoor/outdoor space will open to the public next month at 1929 Purdy Avenue on Miami Beach. Lunch and dinner will be served Tuesday through Sunday. Hours are lunch, noon to 3:30 p.m. and dinner from 6 to 11 p.m.