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Key Largo Favorite Snappers Destroyed By Hurricane Irma

Owner promises to rebuild ASAP

Snappers Key Largo Pre-Irma
Photo Credit: Facebook/Snappers Key Largo

Longstanding Florida Keys restaurant and bar, Snappers Key Largo, has been completely demolished due to Hurricane Irma. As local CBS 4 reports, the 28-year-old space attempted to board up with plywood but is reporting a total loss.

On Snappers website the owner shares the following statement,

Snappers sustained total loss at the hands of Hurricane Irma. After the dust settles, our plan is to rebuild as quickly as possible, better than ever, and keep the party alive at our favorite Florida beach bar! Stay tuned for updates!

Just days ago, Snappers was on CNN being interviewed about how the restaurant and its ownership were going to ride out the storm. The same CNN anchor Bill Weir who conducted the inital interview made an emotional return to the space yesterday to report its demise, saying it had shaken him ¨unlike anything¨ he had seen ¨in 25 years of reporting and eight other hurricanes.¨ Watch the chilling video below.

Snappers is already selling shirts to help raise funds to help rebuild. They can be purchased here.

Snappers Oceanfront Restaurant & Bar

139 Seaside Avenue, , FL 33037 (305) 852-5956 Visit Website