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Red Fish Grill's Fate Uncertain After Hurricane Irma Damage

Restaurant not sure if it will rebuild

Red Fish Grill
Photo Credit: Red Fish Grill

Matheson Hammock Park's longstanding restaurant, Red Fish Grill, has been "completely destroyed" after Hurricane Irma, reports The Miami Herald.

The waterfront property, which sits on a lagoon inside the Coral Gables park, suffered from "six-foot storm surge and it destroyed everything," said the restaurant's managing partner, Chris Klaic.

Since its opening in 1996, the restaurant is somewhat of a landmark in South Florida being featured in films like "There's Something About Mary," television shows like "Emeril's Florida," and serves as a popular venue for weddings and special events.

While everything inside the restaurant was destroyed, it seems as if the coral rock structure that holds the restaurant is facing damages as well. "The water was trying to push it out," Klaic told the Herald. "One northeast wall is compromised. They say it is unsafe. We thought it was just the content inside but it’s worse than that.”

As for rebuilding the space Klaic says he wants to, but adds, "we need to see where we are" saying they would "need some support from the county."

Stay tuned for more updates.

Red Fish Grill

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