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How Miami Restaurants Are Preparing for Hurricane Irma

One bakery passed out free cafecitos

Pinecrest Bakery begins to board up its windows.
Pinecrest Bakery

Massive storm Hurricane Irma is fast approaching with high storm surge and heavy rain expected, and a high level of dread. As restaurants close their doors to give employees time to prep and evacuate — or keep those doors open for one more night out for those planning to shelter in place — here are a few scenes as Miami’s food industry prepares for Irma:

Local 10 News reported that Pinecrest Bakery passed out cafecitos to people waiting in line for gas. So much awwww right there.

The cheese babe coming down #irmageddon #fuirma #irma

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The team behind Ms. Cheezious took down its pin-up sculpture for safe keeping. “Gotta keep that lady safe!,” a commenter wrote.

Wynwood Brewing Company joined a long list of breweries around town that filled up water in growlers or any container.

Boxelder Craft Beer Market is going to keep up its weekly Friday tradition of shotgunning a beer on Friday, Irma or no Irma. The bar plans on opening at 1 p.m. today with happy hour prices until close.