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Our Experts Predict The 2019 Restaurant Headlines

What does the future hold?

La Centrale [Official]

As we put a cap on 2018, Eater surveyed a group of friends, writers, and all around experts for their take on the past year. We asked them eight questions: from top standbys to top newcomers, from best meals to restaurants they’ve broken up with. All will be answered by the time we turn off the lights at the end of the 2018. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut, pasted, and (mostly) unedited herein. Responses do not necessarily reflect the views of Eater and Eater Miami.

Amber Love Bond (Eater Miami contributor): Brad Kilgore Finally Wins James Beard. I’m manifesting this destiny.

Evan Benn (Indulge Miami): Remember When We Were So Upset About Straws?

Giovanny Gutierrez (Chat Chow TV/Eater Miami photographer): Speaking of which, someone in Miami will get a Michelin Star & a James Beard Award.

Becky Randel (PEOPLE Magazine, The Daily Meal, South Florida Luxury Guide): Local bakeries. I’m seeing a lot of new ones popping-up; this is a nice, non-expensive way to support local businesses.

David Rosendorf (Food For Thought):

I‘m going to recycle, with a minor edit, my prediction from last year, since apparently I was a year early:

”50 Food Halls [that were supposed to open last year] Open in Miami” - January 2019

”25 Food Halls Close in Miami” - August 2019

Stacy Moya (Eater Miami Contributor): I see food halls.

Virginia Gil (Time Out Miami):

Miami’s best bar is in Little Havana

This Miami restaurant finally earned the city its first Michelin star

David Grutman partners with X celebrity to open X restaurant

Pitbull’s ilove305 serves (fake) culo as an appetizer

Alona Martinez (Eater Miami Contributor):

Wait, Miami Chef FINALLY wins?

Zoodles banned - diners splurge on hand-made pasta in numerous locations.

Brightline to pay for any dinner within a 10-mile radius of Miami station with proof of ticket purchase.

Trendy artisanal bars keep popping up as political situation declines.

Dara Lynn Smith (Eater Miami Contributor):

Why restaurants are going gluten-free

Food halls are small business’ answer to escalating rent prices

Kombucha is the new beer

Why organic wines and beers are becoming more commonplace on mainstream menus

Olee Fowler (Eater Miami): “Miami Gets Sick of Food Halls Before the Majority of Them Open”