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Top 10 Best Bets for Miami Spice 2018

Where to dine during Miami’s restaurant month(s)

Boulud Sud/Official

And just like that Miami Spice is upon us again. Every August and September eager restaurant go-ers head to one of the more than 200 participating restaurants to celebrate Miami Spice a.k.a. Miami’s restaurant month(s). The deal offers a three course dinner at $39 a person, while lunch and brunch deals are available for $23 a person.

With so many options available, which ones are worth the visit — and which meals aren’t? Eater Miami has done some extensive research and put together a list of the 10 best dinner bets for Miami Spice for 2018.

Each restaurant on this list must offer Miami Spice every night of the week it is open — yes, that includes the coveted Friday and Saturday night time slots that so many restaurants skimp out on. Restaurants must offer a wide array of menu options and offer the diner a solid bang for their buck. Plus, many are current or former Eater 38 members.

So with that in mind, it’s time to dive into the top 10 Miami Spice dinner choices listed in alphabetical order.



This Coconut Grove favorite really goes all out with its Miami Spice menu. Offering four appetizers to start including options like bone marrow or head cheese croquettes, along with four entree picks like porchetta a la Romana and its much talked about chug burger. For dessert the menu doesn’t skimp on items either flan, cookies or olive oil cake to finish the meal. (Ariete, 3540 Main Highway, Coconut Grove. Menu offered nightly.)

Azabu Miami Beach


This buzzy New York City import offers guests a three course, Japanese style meal at a fraction of its normal price. Start with the wagyu tatakai with truffle ponzu, before moving to the branzino filet grilled on the robata with yuzu kosho soy butter and finish the meal a matcha green tea cheese cake. Best part yet? It’s offered every night of the week. (Azabu Miami Beach, 161 Ocean Drive, South Beach. Menu offered nightly.)

Bazaar Mar

Bazaar Mar/Facebook

José Andrés’ splashy seafood mecca Bazaar Mar is stepping up its Miami Spice game this year. Start with one of eight appetizer options — the California “funnel” cake, Jose po’ boy, and bagel and lox are all highlights — before moving on to one of the six entree options showcasing something for every taste like the chicken thighs with Puerto Rican pesto to the roasted cauliflower with pomegranate and pine nuts. As for dessert? That’s a “surprise,” according to the menu, but if the menu is any indication it’ll be a creative one. (Bazaar Mar, 1300 S Miami Avenue, Brickell. Menu offered Tuesday through Saturday.)

Boulud Sud

Boulud Sud/Official

Daniel Boulud’s new Mediterranean restaurant is keeping things interesting by switching it up — every two weeks in fact. For the first two weeks it’ll offer up dishes like Andalusian gazpacho, chicken tagine, orecchiette with lamb ragu and peach cobbler, amongst many other dishes. Then after that the menu will switch every two weeks through the end of August. (Boulud Sud, 255 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami. Menu offered Monday through Saturday.)



Byblos always brings its A-game to Miami Spice and this year it’s no different. Start with not one but two appetizers from a vast selection of 10 options like lamb ribs, shakshouka, and creamed spinach pide, before moving onto one of the eight entree choices such as Middle Eastern fried chicken or local snapper, served with a choice of four different sides such as jeweled couscous and Persian kale rice. Finish the meal with fried dough loukoumades with honey, walnut praline, and burnt honey ice cream — if there’s room, that is. (Byblos, 1545 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. Menu offered nightly.)

Edge Steak + Bar


This longstanding steakhouse inside The Four Seasons Miami showcases why it isn’t an average steakhouse with its Miami Spice menu. The starters offer a variety of choices ranging from lamb and apricot terrine to hamachi tiradito, as for main dish, of course a rib eye steak is offered, along with more uncommon steakhouse items like cauliflower-filled pasta, pork Milanese, and a New England cod filet. Guests can then finish their meal on a sweet note with a dark chocolate opera cake or panna cotta. (Edge Steak & Bar, 1435 Brickell Avenue, Brickell. Menu offered nightly.)



This swanky restaurant located inside the equally swanky Setai Miami Beach offers a diverse menu that gives diners the chance to taste Jaya’s global cuisine. Starters include wagyu buns, Thai ceviche and truffle and scallop filled dumplings. Move onto the entrees such as beef ribeye or tandoor sea bass, before finishing the meal chocolate chip bread pudding or a peach crisp. (Jaya, 2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. Menu offered nightly.)

Lobster Bar Sea Grille

Lobster Bar Sea Grille/Facebook

This menu was made with seafood lovers in mind. Its six starting dishes range from crabcakes, to calamari, to octopus, with a few salads added in for good measure. Moving on to the entrees, eight more options are available including items like whole grilled fish, lobster stuffed lobster, whole dover sole, along with options like surf and turf and NY strip for the land lovers. For dessert classic profiteroles or Greek honey round out the meal. (Lobster Bar Sea Grille, 404 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. Menu offered nightly.)



When the meal can begin with half a dozen oysters, it’s hard to go wrong. Such is the case with Mignonette’s Miami Spice offering, which kicks off with six bivales or duck meatballs or crudo. Then guests pick an entree filet mignon or its famous veggie board plate, followed by the can’t miss bread pudding dessert. (Mignonette, 210 NE 18th Street, Miami. Menu offered nightly.)

Stiltsville Fish Bar


Those looking to watch their figure while still enjoying a Miami Spice meal should head to Stiltsville. Along with offering some of the restaurant like the spoon bread, shrimp and grits, and fish fish wings on its Miami Spice menu, it also offers plenty of “skinny mermaid” items — aka Stiltsville’s answer to diet friendly dishes. Think dishes like smoked fish, steamed local catch, and lychee panna cotta, that will help keep that summer bod in tip top shape. (Stiltsville Fish Bar, 1787 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach. Menu offered nightly.)

Edge Steak & Bar

1435 Brickell Avenue, , FL 33131 (305) 381-3190 Visit Website


3540 Main Highway, , FL 33133 (786) 615-3747 Visit Website

Azabu Miami Beach

161 Ocean Drive, , FL 33139 (786) 276-0520 Visit Website


210 NE 18th St, Miami, FL 33132 (305) 374-4635 Visit Website

Bazaar Mar by José Andrés

1300 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130 (305) 239-1320 Visit Website


2001 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 520-4200 Visit Website

Stiltsville Fish Bar

1787 Purdy Avenue, , FL 33139 (786) 353-0477 Visit Website


678 Washington Street, , MA 02062 (781) 762-8998 Visit Website

Boulud Sud

255 Biscayne Boulevard Way, , FL 33131 (305) 421-8800 Visit Website

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