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Calm Down, Beloved Miami Doughnut Shop Velvet Crème Did Not Change Its Name

Original Velvet Crème owners and location on Calle Ocho go their separate ways

The Calle Ocho location, now called 3Dough5
Photo Credit:  Giovanny Gutierrez

Social media has been going aflutter since longstanding Miami doughnut outpost Velvet Crème seemed to announce it was changing its name to 3Dough5 Doughnuts earlier this week — with commenters up in arms saying things like “Can you go back to Velvet Creme and we’ll pretend this never happened?”

But according to the Velvet Crème trademark owner Robert Taylor, the location at 1555 SW 8th Street in Little Havana is no longer a Velvet Creme store as of July 1. He also goes on to add that the store has been re-named and will continue to operate at that location with no affiliation to the original Velvet Crème.

Taylor also added that they’ve been trying to separate themselves from that location since last summer, citing his disapproval in the increased in prices of the doughnuts amongst other things as causing the rift.

But fret not Velvet Crème loyalists, the Miami staple that has been around since 1947 will continue to live on. The brand will be launching new concept stores in the upcoming months, complete with a drive thru and a “hand crafted” doughnut line, which will be more in-line with the Velvet Crème locations of years past.

No timeline has been shared on the new locations for Velvet Crème, but stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Velvet Creme Doughnuts & Coffee

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