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This New Wynwood Spot Wants to Offer Guests a Hotel Experience — Without the Hotel Rooms

The Freehold features the “ambiance” of a hotel with a lobby bar, outdoor “pool” area, and more

For those who enjoy spending time in hotel lobbies, but don’t actually want to stay for the night, then newcomer Freehold Miami (2219 NW 2nd Avenue) has the answer. The Brooklyn import, which describes itself as “reminiscent of a bustling boutique hotel — without the actual hotel rooms ” has set up its second location in Wynwood, offering a cafe, two bars, a coffee shop, and plenty of co-working areas.

When guests walk into the all-day, all-night venue, guests will first find the café, which features a coffee bar with Counter Culture Coffee, along with small bites. Beyond the café is the “Front Desk” at the entrance of the Lobby Bar, with a full menu and bar, and a large common area, all reminiscent of a hotel lobby. In the evenings the space will offer happy hour, cocktails, and evening programing ranging from live music, comedy shows, and more.

Outside is the 4,000-square-foot Courtyard, featuring a teak wood “pool deck” with an area that looks like a hotel pool but guests can actually sit inside of it. There is also an aqua turfed area, with a trellis for shade, and a stage for live performances. A 750-square foot Cabana Room is located adjacent to the courtyard, offering the public a private event space.

Diners can also grab a slice of New York style pies at The Pizza Shop, a space inspired by NYC slice shops of the 70s. Led by Anthony Falco, who hails from New York pizza shop Robertas, it offers a menu of thin and crispy style pies served in red booths and backlit by hanging stained glass lamps.

Freehold Miami will debut to the public on Friday, December 4. For more information visit here.

Freehold Miami

2219 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami,
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