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7 Top Miami Chefs Reveal What They Are Cooking at Home

Get some inspiration for those home-cooked meals

With South Florida’s stay-at-home orders in still in effect, many people are using their kitchens a lot more frequently. And while most home cooks are sick of cooking the same old meal every night, many are wondering, what are the pros making at home?

Below seven different chefs from around Miami share the meals they are creating while at home to serve as inspiration. So stock up on those groceries, and get to cooking.

During times like this, comfort food is king. For me, I go back to my Korean roots and look to the dishes my mother made growing up. I’m cooking a lot of hearty Korean soups and stews like kimchi jiggae (kimchi stew) and haejangguk (“Hangover” Oxtail Soup). Some of them require long cook times for the hearty broths that I normally don’t have time for, but it’s nice to slow down now that I have the time and do them right. It’s my way of being close to family when I can’t be close to family. — Ben Steigers, Brand Executive Chef – 50 Eggs Hospitality Group

I have been personally focusing on health. Creating items such as a whole roasted chicken that I marinated for 24 hours with fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and scallions. I slowly cooked it to perfection on the oven at 200 degrees for 2.5 hours. Served with roasted sweet potatoes. — Nicolas Caicedo, Back Door Monkey

I’ve been roasting pork and braising short ribs to feed my “carnivorous” habit, listening to Jimmy Buffett and classic rock to ease the anxiety - adding a buttery whipped potato, well-seasoned vegetables when inclined. There’s something beautiful about getting back to the basics. — Victor Toro, MC Kitchen

I have been getting creative with my protein, I enjoy making a spanish stew, with Carne Guisada o Pollo en Fricasse, with a side of rice. Not only is it delicious but it makes for a great leftover meal on a lazy Sunday. Another family favorite right now is my de-boned all natural 1/2 chicken from Murray’s farms, with citrus compounds, butter and fresh cut fries with salt and pepper. — Jamie Montilla, Bartaco

I think chefs are taking this time to practice new cooking techniques they’ve been studying and getting creative with their favorite recipes from different cultures. I’m a big fan of Mexican food so this morning I made toasted blue corn chilaquiles with a fried egg, feta, avocado, chorizo and finished it with La Valentina hot sauce. — Giancarlo Rodriguez, COOP

Mainly we are cooking comida casera (a.k.a. comfort food) with many Peruvian dishes that remind me of home like Sopa a La Criolla, Papa A La Huancaina, Lomo Saltado! Also we’ve been adapting dishes with the ingredients that we have available at home! We’ve also been barbecuing quite often as we’ve had beautiful weather here in Miami while social distancing. — Diego Oka, La Mar

When you have lots of time, the long lead projects are most fun. Things that take several days to prepare. We’ve been cooking some pork shoulders. Either slow smoked on a gas grill with wood chips and indirect heat, or slow roasted rubbed with Mexican chili paste made from assorted fried chilis, burnt onions and cumin seeds for taco night (which includes homemade tortillas of course and various salsas thanks to Bricia Lopez’s amazing book Oaxaca). Bread dough and pizza dough. I also like preserving and quick pickling to build a larder of things to use while cooking (burnt tomato marmalade, strawberry jam, pickled onions, chutney etc.) Braises are fun and comforting too. Also, lots of family style eating (which I feel may NOT be so popular in restaurants in the near future). — Michael Schwartz

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