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A Roundup of Guides of South Florida Black-Owned Restaurants

All the lists and guides to help you figure out where to lend your support by dining out

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As South Floridians continue to protest anti-black violence and police brutality, some locals are looking for ways to help support black-owned restaurants by purchasing meals.

With that in mind, several businesses, writers, and publications put together lists and guides spotlighting black-owned restaurants, food trucks, and food-related businesses throughout South Florida. And while many of these restaurants have existed for years, they don’t necessarily have access to as many resources as other independent restaurants including fundraising, and the ability to pay pricey public relations firms.

Eater Miami collected those efforts into this handy directory below. And please remember that people should dine at these restaurants throughout the year, not just during this period right now.

The Hungry Black Man — This longtime blog, which has a presence throughout the county, not only has its favorite picks for the best black-owned restaurants, but also more niche lists like the best black-owned vegan eateries, chicken sandwiches, and more. Find it here.

The Miami Herald — The Herald’s restaurant editor put together his 10 favorite black-owned restaurants (plus one forthcoming one) in this guide.

Black Owned Miami Google List — This Google doc features a list of 60+ black-owned eateries (and counting) in Miami along with takeout and delivery information.

Yelp Miami — Yelp Miami’s community manager organized a list of 40 black-owned business including many black-owned restaurants, along with other companies and services.

The Infatuation Miami — This roundup of black-owned restaurants is broken down by neighborhood and informs diners about the cuisine along with takeout and delivery options.

Culture Crusaders — This comprehensive list of black-owned businesses includes restaurants along with retail, wellness, creative services, and more.