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Pincho Factory Co-Founder Debuts Healthy, On-Demand Delivery Service

Available for delivery through Postmates

Meal from GetReal
GetReal/Official Press Photo

Nedal Ahmad, the co-founder of popular local burger chain Pincho Factory (which has recently renamed itself to PINCHO), has unveiled his latest eatery: getReal, an on-demand healthy delivery service.

Meals range from $10 to $13 and typically are under 600 calories. The menus rotate monthly, but diners can expect to choose from a variety of proteins like coconut curry chicken, salmon, or citrus marinated chicken thighs, and then pair it with sides like cauliflower gallo pinto with roasted carrots or vegan Alfredo pasta with spinach and mushrooms. The meals can be ordered in one, two, or three-day packs, with each pack consisting of two meals. And all the meals are available on-demand and delivered through Postmates, so no need to order a week or more in advance like traditional meal plans.

Ahmad stepped down from his position of CEO at Pincho a few years ago to focus on his health and pursue other projects, and in the process lost 70 pounds, which served as the inspiration for his new eatery.

“When I decided to lose weight and change my lifestyle, I knew I couldn’t do it with diet food. That was just not for me,” said Ahmad. “For my weight loss to be successful, I knew I couldn’t give up the bold flavors I was used to.”

GetReal was initially slated to be a brick-and-mortar restaurant, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit Ahmad pivoted to a meal delivery service. He also teamed up with Andrew Gonzalez of Night Owl Cookies, who lost 50 pounds himself, and his brother Nizar Ahmad to bring the on-demand service to life.

GetReal is now available for delivery on Postmates to Doral, Westchester, and South Miami. In August it plans to be available countywide, and in September it’ll launch a weekly meal subscription service as well. Pickup is also available at 9690 NW 41st Street. It is open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.