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Instagram Favorite ‘Red Tacos’ Make Their Way to Miami

Thanks to a new pop-up called El Primo Red Tacos

All photos courtesy of El Primo Red Tacos/Official Press Photos

Out on the West Coast, ‘red tacos’ — aka birria tacos dipped in a soup-like liquid that give them a red glow — have been all the rage, and they’ve finally made their way to Miami thanks to El Primo Red Tacos, a new pop-up in Downtown Miami.

The new eatery, which which is housed inside PEZ (20 West Flagler Street) focuses on one thing only: birria, beef shoulder that is slow cooked in a “red” stew made with tomatoes and seasonings. The chefs then fill tacos with the beef, which also stains the tortilla giving them that red color, and then serves it with a side of broth made with the birria cooking liquid to dip the tacos in.

“We’re staying true to our Tijuana roots and decided to bring another of its culinary delights, currently booming in popularity across U.S. cities, to Miami and ignite the red taco craze here,” said Frank Neri, co-owner at El Primo Red Tacos and PEZ. “This pop-up restaurant is perfect for the times we are living in because it allows us to be flexible in the kitchen and continue doing what we love.”

The menu is short and concise, selling the birria inside quesadillas, tacos in both crispy and soft shell form, and tostada style. A side of birria broth to dip in can be added to any meal, or for the real soup lovers out there El Primo also offers a birria and ramen noodle combo.

The tacos are available every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m. Order the tacos here.


20 West Flagler Street, , FL 33130 (305) 570-3440 Visit Website