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Maty’s Is Val Chang’s Homage to Her Peruvian Roots

“The food that created me will be the food created here”

Inside Maty’s.

Celebrated chef and restaurateur Val Chang has officially debuted her first solo project, Maty’s, in Midtown Miami, and it serves an ode to the Peruvian cuisine she grew up with.

dining room area.

The restaurant, named after Chang’s grandmother, celebrates traditional Peruvian cuisine inspired by her family and infused with bold flavors. The opening menu includes dishes such as black grouper ceviche with torrejitas de choclo (savory waffles), yuca rellena (stuffed yuca balls) stuffed with wagyu strip, lamb seco (stew) with cilantro and squash, and wagyu oxtail saltado (stir fry) with habanero, cherry tomato, and red onion. Maty’s indoor and outdoor dining areas seat up to 150 guests, including two large communal tables. The bar and lounge serves an extensive cocktail selection meant to complement the cuisine.

“The food that created me will be the food created here,” said Chang, who grew up in Chiclayo, Peru, and relocated to Miami when she was 10. “Maty’s will be about celebrating Peruvian cuisine, not reimagining or redefining it.”

Chang is best known for co-creating the acclaimed Nikkei restaurant Itamae in the Miami Design District with her brother, chef Nando Chang, and her father Papa Chang. Maty’s is Val Chang’s first project as sole executive chef and owner, but the restaurant is still a team effort, developed in cooperation with the group behind Itamae and their other restaurants B-Side at 1-800-Lucky.

The women-led restaurant also promises to be an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment to help develop industry members.

“I was blessed to have some amazing mentors in my professional life but have also seen firsthand what a lack of female leadership can lead to,” said Chang. “As a female chef and business owner, I want to be a force for good in the industry that I love and have devoted my life to. And I also want to extend a helping hand to those that work with me and do everything I can to help them excel, grow and pursue their dreams, all while providing a great experience day after day and keeping our guests happy. That’s a dream worth chasing.”

Maty’s is now open at 3255 Northeast 1st Avenue and is open Sunday to Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Thursday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Book your reservations here.

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