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Wynwood Brewing Company, Miami’s First Craft Brewery Taproom, Set to Close

But, alas not all is lost

facade of bright building
Wynwood Brewing Company’s location in Wynwood.
Wynwood Brewing Company

When Wynwood Brewing Company poured its first beer in October 2013, it was the first craft production brewery and taproom in the City of Miami. The brewery paved the way for dozens of new breweries to open in Miami and its surrounding areas, putting the city on the world beer map. Now, after celebrating its 10th anniversary just a few months ago, the taproom will close permanently as of Sunday, February 4. Beer productions will also cease at the original 565 NW 24th Street location.

Owned by Anheuser-Busch, Wynwood Brewing will begin producing its core beers, such as La Rubia, Pops Porter, and Father Francisco, at Veza Sur, which is also owned by Anheuser-Busch, starting February 5. The neighboring brewery, located just a few blocks east, will also serve as the new taproom for Wynwood Brewing beers and allow the distribution of Wynwood Brewing’s products to restaurants and bars to continue uninterrupted.

Megan Ruiz-Necuze, commercial director of the La Rubia division of Wynwood Brewing, said the decision to merge Wynwood Brewing with Veza Sur primarily was to expand their popular La Rubia brand, a 5% ABV blonde ale known for its Miami heritage and easy drinkability. She also noted that even though Wynwood Brewing will share real estate with Veza Sur, it will continue to have its own identity. However, the Veza Sur taproom will not be renamed but will feature Wynwood Brewing’s signature spray can tap handles.

Wynwood Brewing was founded by Luis Brignoni and his father, Luis “Pops” Brignoni, after years of home brewing turned from a hobby to obsession to a business. When it opened in October 2013, Wynwood Brewing Company was instantly embraced by the community. Known for its local street art and family-inspired beers like Pops Porter, the brewery saw quick success, winning a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2014 and tripling production within a year. After expanding with a brewpub on the Norwegian Escape and a special ale for Virgin Voyages, Wynwood was acquired by Craft Beer Alliance in 2018 and subsequently by Anheuser-Busch in 2019, yet through all the changes, Wynwood Brewing remained a local favorite for its well-made beers and friendly, no-frills vibe. Eater Miami has contacted Brignoni for comment but has not yet received a response.

Although Wynwood Brewing’s beers will continue to live on both at Veza Sur and at a local brewpub, the closing of Miami’s original taproom marks the end of an era, and fellow Miami brewers have taken to Instagram to mark the news. MIA Bruhaus’ Eddie Leon said, “A truly sad day for the Miami Craft beer community, but a happy moment to reflect on the amazing accomplishments and contributions the Brignoni family have made to our city. Wynwood Brewing and La Rubia will live on forever and we will continue supporting you.”

Abbey Brewing Company recalled fond memories, saying, “I will definitely miss the original location! I wish you guys continued success moving forward, and will support your brand but will still miss the original vibe and location, see you for the farewell party!”

And speaking of farewell parties, there’s still time for a few beers and a last toast at Wynwood Brewing Company before the forever “last call” on Sunday, February 4.

Wynwood Brewing Company is located at 565 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127.

Wynwood Brewing Company

565 Northwest 24th Street, , FL 33127 (833) 996-9663 Visit Website